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“Andy is one of the most thoughtful designers and strategists I’ve ever worked with. Some people think about the specific pieces of the project—Andy thinks about the details that no one else does. Very few people can go from high level vision and strategy down to super tactical execution while nailing them both. When you work with Andy, you get the whole package. And it helps that he’s a nice guy!”

Fundable hired me to help with the design direction and launch of their new platform. The product has become one of the top startup fundraising platforms in the world.

Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Shaping the Page, the UI/UX design studio and consultancy of Andy Johnson. I’ve had the privilege of helping dozens of startups and passionately creative companies transform and elevate the quality of their businesses through design. I'd love to help you too!

I charge a simple, flat, monthly fee to become your company’s on‑demand design director and partner in all things strategy, user interface, and user experience related. Keep reading to learn how we can connect and what to expect when we start working together.

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“Andy is a super-talented designer who has the rare ability to go from the 10,000 foot product design perspective down to creating the perfect favicon. Andy’s work had a direct, positive impact on paid customer conversion (up 4x), and customer engagement. He’s the partner you look for when tackling any new product or marketing design challenge.”

I directed the product and marketing design for Crushpath’s public launch, helping them see 50,000 new businesses using their product within months of its release.

Your design director and partner, minus the resource strain.

I know making the leap to hiring a full-time design director has the potential to strain a company’s resources. But many companies don’t actually need a full-time employee. What they need is a talented designer to take the creative lead, establish a solid design strategy the rest of the company can follow, and be there to help everyone stay on the right track as the company grows. That’s where I come in. You can hire me on a month-to-month, ongoing basis to be your design director and partner.

Perhaps you’re gun-shy to hire a partner like myself because of the less-than-stellar experiences you’ve had with other designers in the past. I get it. A dependable partner is hard to find. But I think you’ll discover working with me to be a breath of fresh air—an investment in your business, not an expense. It’s why my clients repeatedly come back to team up with me, and why almost all of my business comes from referrals. Sounds great, but how much do I charge for my services?

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A simple, flat, monthly fee.

No guessing. No surprises. An affordable investment.

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Note: I currently have three one opening available.

I helped At Peace Media rethink their e‑commerce information architecture and simplified their design, resulting in a 6x increase in customer engagement.

What can you expect when we partner up? Spoiler alert: results.

My monthly fee is predictable, easy to budget for, and substantially less expensive than hiring a traditional employee or agency. And I guarantee the benefits I provide far outweigh the cost. What can you expect when we start working together? Each business is at a different stage in their growth and maturity, so it depends on the need. But I’ll start by taking some time to learn about your business, your customers, and the service or product you offer. We’ll discuss any problems or challenges you’re having where design could be a solution. Far beyond simply making your company look “pretty” my aim is to generate trust and delight from your customers resulting in increased conversions.

Are you noticing customer drop-off at any point in your onboarding funnel? Are customers repeatedly asking the same support questions about your product interface? Is your marketing site telling the story of your product in a way that compels your target audience to sign up? I can give you a complete design “audit” of your marketing site and product interface, providing suggested improvements that could immediately improve your bottom line. And if you’re just starting out I can help develop and direct a design strategy for the rest of your team to follow. We can establish a story and brand for your marketing site, making sure the interface of your product reinforces the same.

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“The more we’ve worked with Andy, the more we’ve appreciated his wide range of creative qualities, problem-solving approaches, and overall collaborative effort that he brings to each project. Andy thinks of things we’ve never considered, and always seems to have a variety of solutions for any issue or problem we encounter.”

Being responsible for Harpoon’s product and marketing design direction, I helped the company gain thousands of signups before the product even launched.

You’ll never again need to scramble looking for a designer. I’ll be there.

How many hours of work do I provide each month for your investment? Instead of hours, I try to measure the impact of my work in terms of the goals we’re accomplishing together. For example, a simple change I suggested on a client’s marketing site increased their paid signups by 400%. It didn’t take many “hours” to make this suggestion, but the value it returned far outweighed the cost of having me around. But typically you can expect about 30 hours of focused work per month. Some of that time might be dedicated to providing advice, suggestions, and strategy, while the remaining time might be spent reworking the user experience of a problem feature in your product.

If you need more of my time during a particular month we can work that out as the need arises. Each month we’ll establish some clear design goals we’d like to accomplish and knock them out. As the months roll on you’ll not only be delighted by the visual transformation of your company, but your customers will appreciate an improved experience, which will translate to a devoted user base and decreased churn. And as needs come up it’ll be nice to have me right by your side. No need to scramble anymore searching for a designer, or hoping your last designer has room for you in their schedule. I’ll be there. We’re partners.

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What’s included?

Each month we’ll work together on a variety of improvements to your business.

  • Web App Interface Design
  • iOS Interface Design
  • Marketing Site Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Signup & Onboarding Flows
  • Product Branding
  • Information Architecture
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Style Guides
  • Front-end Development
  • CMS Integrations
  • Copywriting

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to see the full potential of your product; and you’re serious about harnessing the power of design to improve your business; and you love the idea of someone else taking the lead on your design strategy, then click the button below and introduce yourself. Tell me a bit about your business, where you’re at in its growth, and how you envision the two of us working together. I’ll be quick to follow up. We can chat and move ahead from there. I look forward to hearing from you!

Reserve a Spot

Note: I currently have three one opening available.

“I’m always impressed by the level of detail and perfection Andy puts into his solutions. It not only looks stunning, but his work gets results. If you get a chance to work with him it’s an investment worth making.”

About Me

Hi! I’m Andy Johnson, a UI/UX designer based in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been addicted to all things design for as long as I can remember. In high school I published a quarterly BMX magazine called Green Bean Zine, which led to a small t‑shirt company I ran with my friend Tim Brown called Drab Designs. Fun times. After college I jumped into client services and learned the joy of helping other companies improve their businesses through design.

Outside of Shaping the Page I’m also involved with a few other products and projects. I’m co-founder of a product for freelancers called Harpoon. I run an ExpressionEngine developer community with Ryan Battles called Director-ee, co-organize a meetup for entrepreneurs called Bootstrap & Beer, help designers and developers find work at Find Bacon, and curate The Pipe, a hand-picked collection of the best self-published design, technology, and business ebooks. The best way to get in touch with me is via Twitter. Hope to see you around!

Posing and pondering.