Hello! I’m Andy Johnson, the solo act behind Shaping the Page. I’ve had the privilege of helping dozens of startups, development teams, agencies, and creative companies delight their customers and increase revenue by harnessing the power of strategic UI/UX design.

The Pitch

If you’ve made it to my site then you already know a solid design strategy can transform your audience from being ordinary “customers” to becoming faithful, outspoken fans of your product or service. Together let’s target and attack problems where design can be a solution:

  • Are customers repeatedly asking the same support questions about your site or product interface?
  • Do your product screens suffer from too many potential actions and not enough focus?
  • Are you losing customers to your competition because your site or product interface has become cluttered, outdated, and confusing over time?
  • Is your team building a new product and you need someone to take the lead on design?
  • Are you noticing customer drop-off at any point in your conversion funnel?
  • Is your marketing site telling the story of your product in a way that compels your target audience to sign up?
  • Does your product interface successfully reinforce the voice, branding, and story established by your marketing site?
  • Is your site or product built on a design system that’s easy to scale as new features and new team members are added?

Far beyond simply making your site or product look beautiful, my aim is to generate trust and delight from your customers resulting in increased conversions and decreased churn.

Achieving these results isn’t magic. It’s a blend of best practices, a knowledge of your target audience, plenty of testing & measuring, and a healthy dose of creativity & good taste. My job is to help you determine the right mix of these ingredients to achieve the results you’re aiming for.


I’m one of those oddball designers who enjoys digging into the entire product design stack. From marketing site design to UI style guides, I’m able to bring value to every aspect of your company’s design assets:

  • Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • UI Style Guides
  • Design Systems
  • Marketing Site Design
  • Product Management
  • Signup & Onboarding
  • Information Architecture
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Product Branding
  • Front-end Development
  • Copywriting

This versatility means I’m always considering the bigger picture of how a proposed solution might impact the other parts of your product, team, and company. This translates into saving you time and money. #winning!


I partner with most clients on a monthly retainer basis. This approach keeps your costs 100% predictable while being substantially less expensive than hiring a traditional hourly employee or agency. Consider me your team’s month-to-month “plug & play” designer. Each month we’ll agree on a set of design goals to accomplish and I’ll work with you and your team to achieve them. Simple.

Note: I currently have three one opening available.


  • What types of businesses do you typically partner with?

    Any company with customers who interact with a digital interface is a good fit for Shaping the Page. This includes software companies, technology startups, SaaS companies, ecommerce businesses, and agencies that have these same types of clients.

  • Do you work remotely or on-site?

    Most of my work is done remotely with communication being handled by Slack, email, phone, etc. But I do travel for brief face-to-face design sprints with my clients. And if your company is located near Columbus, OH, we should certainly meet in person on a regular basis.

  • Are you strictly a consultant or do you also produce the actual design work?

    I can provide both UI/UX strategy and the actual design work. Some of my clients have their own internal design and development teams, in which case I might focus more on strategy and direction while their team handles the implementation. Each situation is unique.

  • Can you work directly with my development team?

    Absolutely. I can work within your team’s version-controlled environment and I know my way around a variety of frameworks. Having a background in front-end development helps keep my solutions as “developer-friendly” as possible. Your dev team won’t hate me.

  • Can you provide us with production code for final designs?

    Yes, when agreed upon I can provide the front-end code for a design, whether a single UI component or an entire template layout, ready for handoff to your development team.

  • How do you handle billing?

    For retainers I invoice up front for each reserved block of time. Custom projects start with an initial deposit and are then invoiced at set milestones. Final deliverables are handed off upon receipt of final payment. Payments can be made via credit or debit card, bank transfer, or by check.

  • Do you work with clients from outside of the United States?

    Yes. As long as English is the primary language spoken by your customers, I’d be happy to work with you. But because copy and content are such a core part of an effective design strategy, I don’t consider myself qualified to handle projects in other languages.

  • How do I hire you?

    Simply shoot me an email and introduce yourself. Include a brief summary of your business, what your goals are, and a timeline or deadline if you have one. I’ll respond promptly to schedule a chat and we can go from there. The time from initial email to project start can happen quite quickly.